My mother…..

My dear mother doing what she loves...washing dishes .  Im not kidding.

My mother:

bingo player / avon lady / monday night bowler / ex-smoker / portrait subject / complainer / battle axe

She believes that  jello is a cure all and that warmed up salt behind a sore ear will take away any ear pain.  Starts every other sentence with “I don’t like to say anything but…”  She loves my wife and children and I’m thankful for that.  She’s a good egg my mother.

Its me…I’ve been busy…of course I really care…quick post now…

I’m lucky.  I have a great family.  A wife that tolerates me and loves me…children that amuse me…tolerate me and love me s well.  Its not that I don’t know the importance of blogging.  I do and I promise to update shortly with some personal work and some project work.  I’ve been busy with work and with family.  At the moment Im sitting in a Wokingham, England hotel waiting for room service to bring dinner.  Its after midnight and I’m starved.  Cheers.

Dashboard crucifix…nyc…


I’m trying to figure out what to say exactly about this.  Its beautiful.  One of me new favorites taken somewhere in NYC. Sometimes an image finds you before you find it.

Dashboard Jesus

Sometimes you need speak with a bit more force to your children.

Thankfully my children u d’état and my sense of humor.

What I do in a moment of frustration….

I love the image but for different reasons.  I was having a frustrating time with Capture One and getting a look I was after.  No digitech today to handle it for me so I forced myself into this black hole of adjustments.  Not working.  A friend called so while on speaker phone with him I drove down to Hook Mountain with my Contax 645 and a pissed off desire to get what I wanted.  20 minutes round trip all while on phone.  Downloaded…corrected…applied adjustments…etc.  Worked out great….just what I was after for the afternoon.  Its the mood of the day.


Deron Williams / Leslie Dewan / Carly Cushnie …. All Forbes 30 Under 30

Last post…I promise.  All were beautiful and fun to shoot.   I’m a bit of a Knicks fan but Deron William’s likability factor could sway my thoughts to the Brooklyn Nets.  Leslie Dewan.  Hands down the smartest woman I’ve ever met.  Carly Cushnie …creative…warm… talented.


David Karp of Tumblr for Forbes…..

David Karp of Tumblr for Forbes.  I can appreciate what he has done.  Came in ready….absolutely ready and focused. Loved the images created on sidewalk near 14th and Fifth Avenue.

David Karp creator of Tumblr for Forbes Magazine



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