Nuvera interns

We spent most of the day racing around Nuvera Fuel Cell for the Hess AR.  It was a great busy day shooting over 30g’s of images.  Existing light with the Canon 5dMK2 pushed well beyond what I thought it could do.  Held detail…blah blah blah.  I learned more about hydrogen energy than any one photographer should know.  What I did find fascinating were the interns.  Young and brillant.  Nice kids and I do mean “my birthdays next month and then I’m legal to drink” young.  All day they were on my mind.  I had Kurt set up a photo booth of sorts and I had them all jump in one at a time for about 1 minute each.  I love this style of shoot.  Off the cuff…fast…all instinct…all quick conversations.  Here’s a few to have a peek at.  Simple.  One big soft lighter and some rapid direction gave us some great work.