from aphotoeditor re: Agencies Who No Longer Accept Printed Promos

Agencies Who No Longer Accept Printed Promos

I’ve been doing self promo for years. I’ll admit that a lot of crap went out early on. Workbook and AtEdge are still important….just as important as Facebook and a few other social media trappings. Its part of the process now. Where once you sent a mailer out and received portfolio requests you now watch google analytics to see who goes to what and from where. Its not glamorous or personal but it does work. iPads are nice when you need something fast and affordable but it does not and will never take the place of a thought out crafted portfolio. I meet with art buyers from all around the country and every time they open a book they run their hands over the cover and smile when they see a printed image. Something printed has your style stamped on it. I love apple but something crafted kicks an ipads ass every time.

As for the mailed self promo angle. I print small “promobooks” every 1.5 years and have a nice size list. I work with a great designer who understands my work and designs to compliment it. Yes its a luxury but working as a team with someone is priceless. Our main goal has always been simple…DO NOT SEND CRAP. Give something that has visual value and offers something about yourself to whomever opens it. I have met the AB’s that do not want anything anymore. I respect that. Creatives are inundated with crap photography all the time. I see it in the trash when I go on appointments and I feel sorry for whomever sent it that they thought this is the best they could do.

Its important to be thoughtful and personal in your direct mail. Its just as important to be thoughtful and personal in your social media dealings. Will doing this make someone open your promo? Maybe. Being consistent across the board and recognizing that its a years long process to build relationships is the most important thing.


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